Botox Skin Fillers

First impression is the last impression”, well said quote shows that SKIN reflects the behavior and persona of an individual. Few people carry acne or some kind of scars that directly affects their personality, also some people get worried about their age signs , at that moment Bot-ox treatment brings out the efficacious way by which skin’s charm can be brought back and once again the youthful skin can be felt.

The bot-ox treatment is been practiced since many medical years to help people get rid of frown lines and tags. Bot-ox treatment can preserve charming and young look without taking any anti-aging cream.


These factors show the signs of aging where wrinkle treatment (bot-ox) can help. Changes like these naturally comes, as we grow older:

  • Skin becomes rougher
  • Skin becomes slack.
  • Skin becomes more transparent.
  • Skin becomes more fragile.

A lot of us do not want to go for invasive procedures like face lift. No worries- non iThis cosmetic therapy uses a protein material called “ Botulinum toxin” which is injected manner that treats definite muscular conditions not allowing them to contract and hence temporarily paralyzing them so that the wrinkle formation process gets ceased. As a result ,skin remains smooth and flawless .

Bot-ox Treatment is the most widely accepted treatment suggested by cosmetic surgeons around the world so as to cure the acne scars or fine lines on the face and also that keeps the muscle stiff and firm.

Botox is most effective and pr-eminent option for reducing wrinkles lines which have not quite set. This chemical is used in combination with saline and then is injected into the skin tissue .


  • Anesthesia- Topical anesthetic cream or lotion like EMLA is applied
  • Incision : The botox is mixed with saline solution and injected into the desired area
  • The Botox injections require very little recovery time like 24 -72 hrs to take the effect.
  • Sometimes, the patients could get a mark at the place where the injections were injected, which may take up to two weeks to disappear.
  • It takes around 7 days to notice some actual full observable results, but after two weeks the results will be clear and noticeable not only to yourself, but also to everyone else out there.